About us

The HGRG is a welcoming collective of critical researchers and scholars based at the University of Edinburgh. We are a group of human geographers engaged in politically committed and theoretically informed geographic scholarship aimed at progressive and radical political transformation and the pursuit of social justice and human dignity. We work with anarchist, autonomist, feminist, Marxist, poststructuralist, postcolonial and decolonial theories across a diverse range of fields, including cultural studies, development studies, environmental studies, food studies, gender studies, indigenous studies, and urban studies.


The HGRG will provide an active, collective and collaborative space of research support, mentoring, intellectual exchange and visibility for critical human geographers at the University of Edinburgh.


The HGRG will:

Develop a supportive, collegial and intellectually vibrant environment in which all members can flourish

Provide a space of mutual support for members at different career stages in writing, publication, REF, promotion and research funding applications

Promote and celebrate the achievements and successes of its members

Maintain and develop connections and relationships with other schools, programmes and research centres on campus and community organizations that are aligned with our goals

Develop strategies to negotiate factors and processes that prevent us from reaching our research potential

The HGRG is convened by Julie Cupples julie.cupples@ed.ac.uk