​​The Geohazards and Risk group brings together expertise in Natural Hazards from across the University of Edinburgh in conjunction with partners such as the British Geological Survey. Our aim is to provide a cross-disciplinary forum to forge new research collaborations and to facilitate end-user engagement.

For general enquiries, please contact the group's convenor, Dr Mark Naylor.

Global Challenges Research Projects

  • REARResearch for Emergency Aftershock Research (NERC+ESRC+AHRC, GCRF)
  • DISTALDynamic Flood Topographies in the Terai, Nepal: Community Perceptions and Resilience (NERC+ESRC+AHRC, GCRF)
  • HazMap_CA: Communication with Hazard Maps in Central America: A multidisciplinary science-media-community network (NERC+ESRC+AHRC, GCRF)
  • Predicting Geomorphically-Induced Flood Risk for the Nepalese Terai Communities (EPSRC, GCRF)

Large Projects

  • RiftVolc: Volcanic hazard of the Main Ethiopian Rift in Central Ethiopia (NERC)
  • PUREC: Building resilience to future earthquakes in China (NERC+ESRC, Newton)