School of GeoSciences Research

Sustainable forests and landscapes

We seek to obtain a deeper understanding of the benefits and limitations of ecosystem services in shaping sustainable environments.

The global change ecology laboratory has pioneered model-data fusion approaches for carbon cycle analysis. We link process modelling to data, generating unique diagnostic insights into carbon cycle processes, and a robust assessment of process model uncertainty.

Our research ranges from high-resolution time series investigations at study sites, to global analyses using earth observation.  We address questions such as “what is the optimum model complexity for C cycle prediction?”; “what is the dominant cause of uncertainty in model forecasts?” and “What are the key determinants of C sinks and sources across global biomes?”.

Examples of collaborative research include:

Can forest planting help us manipulate catchment sub-surface runoff pathways and contribute to natural flood management strategies?

Investigating team: Dr Leo Peskett, Professor Kate Heal; with British Geological Survey and the University of Dundee, UK

“Our Phosphorus Future”, bringing together scientific evidence to support policies to address the phosphorus sustainability challenge

Investigating team: Professor Kate Heal, Professor Dave Reay; with UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

The effect of wind farms on peatlands on aquatic carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen fluxes

Investigating team:  Professor Kate Heal; with University of Glasgow, UK; Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA); and Scottish Natural Heritage

Resilience of the UK food system to global shocks 

Principal Investigator: Dr Peter Alexander

More information on this project award can be found on *ERE

UKRI GCRF South Asia Nitrogen Hub 

CWI-UNEP International Nitrogen Management System (INMS

Principal Investigator: Professor Dave Reay

More information on this project award can be found on *ERE

Our researchers in sustainable landscapes and forests are:

  • Dr Peter Alexander
  • Dr Alfy Gathorne-Hardy
  • Professor Kate Heal
  • Dr Aidan Keane  
  • Professor David Reay
  • Dr Casey Ryan
  • Dr Gary Watmough

Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes

The Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes work with a wide range of partners to provide critical interdisciplinary knowledge to deliver sustainable landscape management and policy development, with an emphasis on forested landscape mosaics.

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