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Extreme weather is on the rise

From record-breaking heatwaves and wildfires to disastrous floods, human-caused climate change is devastating our planet. And it will get worse...

Rescuers with a boat and wading through the water of a flooded street in the middle of York city buildings

We have produced world-leading research proving that human-caused climate change has changed both the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

  • Human-caused climate change is causing extreme weather such as heatwaves, heavy downpours, droughts and hurricanes all over the planet.
  • Further global heating is intensifying these devastating extremes and will make them even worse in the coming decades.
  • Even if we make drastic reductions, we will not return the world to the more moderate weather of the past.

So, what is happening?

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 It confirms impressively to what extent we are already experiencing changes in extreme weather and climate extremes, from heat waves to heavy rainfall to drought. Unless we transition to net zero, we will see increasingly more damaging events.

Professor Gabi HegerlSchool of GeoSciences

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