Research Activities

Research activities in the Earth System Science: Crust to Core research group.

We address the Earth System in an integrative way, utilising a diversity of approaches. Our aim is to build as a group on our individual research and skills strengths in diverse areas of Earth Science, from field mapping and structural analysis to seismic tomography, from sedimentology and paleoceanography to petrology, and from geochemistry and isotope geochronology to mineral physics, to improve our knowledge and understanding of Earth processes. The research will have applications to mineral and ore genesis, exploration for geo-resources, and long-term climate change. The group will capitalise on the applied aspects to foster links to other geoscience groups and develop funding streams.


Our research in areas of complex earthquakes; rivers; and complexity in carbonates.

Orogenic Evolution

Our research in the area of Orogenic Evolution.

Palaeomagnetism and Palaeogeography

Using palaeomagnetism, the study of fossil magnetisations in ancient rocks, to quantitatively formulate and verify pre-mesozoic continental reconstructions.

Planetary magnetism

Researching the electrical resistivity structure of the crust beneath the northern main Ethiopian rift.