Earth and Planetary Science

Our ambition is to undertake research which will provide the knowledge that will help address global challenges relating to resources, natural hazards and the environment.

Earth System Science - Crust to Core

This Group studies how processes operating on all time and length scales interact to generate the key large-scale features of the Earth through deep time to the present.

Edinburgh Earth Resources

Our planet is home a wide variety of natural resources, and here at Edinburgh Earth Resources our researchers are dedicated to understanding not only how to exploit these resources most efficiently, but how to do so responsibly for the benefit of all.

Geobiology and Geochemistry

This Group explores how life has interacted with Earth over long time scales. We document how life has evolved, how environmental change created opportunities and constraints for diversification, and how life has controlled the evolution of biogeochemical cycles. Our research straddles the disciplines of geology, palaeontology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, ecology, oceanography, and geochemistry.

Edinburgh Geohazards

The Geohazards and Risk group brings together expertise in Natural Hazards from across the University of Edinburgh in conjunction with partners such as the British Geological Survey. Our aim is to provide a cross-disciplinary forum to forge new research collaborations and to facilitate end-user engagement.

Observation and Imaging

Investigating mathematical and computational approaches to techniques in observation and imaging