Hydrogen Flow Rig

The Hydrogen Flow Cell is being designed to combine with a Hiden HPR20 mass spectrometer designed to characterise the bulk flow properties of hydrogen through a 1m long sandstone core at elevated temperature and pressure.

Breakthrough curves can be used to determine: advective velocity; mechanical dispersion; molecular diffusion and sorption of hydrogen during mass transfer through porous reservoir sandstones.


Hydrogen Flow rig 2

The Hydrogen Flow Rig has been designed  to provide:

  • 1m long, 38mm diameter fell sandstone core contained within gas tight foil, resin and stainless steel piping.
  • Up to 1MPa gas pressure.
  • Up to 60oC rock temperature.
  • Up to 60oC injection gas temperature.
  • Single and multiphase gas flow including hydrogen, nitrogen, noble gasses, SF6 tracer and CO2.
  • Flow rates from 0.01ml/min to 10ml/min.
  • Upstream, downstream and differential pressure measurement and logging.
  • Gas sampling by Hiden HPR20 mass spectrometer.


The team within the Applied Geoscience Laboratory welcomes scientific collaboration and are always happy to discuss new projects and experimental designs.  Please contact:

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This article was published on 5 Nov, 2019