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Field work

A week long overseas tour forms an integral part of the programme. Page contains image gallery.

About the field trip

The field trip provides you with a unique opportunity to use the knowledge you have gained in your core and optional courses in real-world contexts.

The purpose of the study tour is to refresh the skills, tools and techniques that are likely to be useful during the dissertation process. Prospective places for the study tour are: Italy, Morocco and Kenya.

There is usually a short pre-course tour during the introduction week providing the opportunity to meet fellow students and the teaching staff.

Study tour write up

Field trip highlights

The Food Security field trip typically visits Rome, where a number of international organisations relating to food security have head quarters. Please note that field trip locations may change based on availability or for reasons outwith our control including those of a political nature

Students benefit from visiting the Food and Agricultural Agency (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP), giving a global perspective on development priorities, operational processes, expert advice on dissertation topics and careers.

Additional activities also look at the local food sector in Italy such as Agrotourisma's, and the slow food movement. Each year, the programme aims to attend at least one conference relating to food security.

Past years' students have participated in the Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference, and the Nourish Scotland International Conference. This allows students to experience an academic conference, possibly contribute through posters, and meet a variety of leading food security experts.