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I have learnt to appreciate the social aspect of the environment through studying Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. A programme that has helped me get a deeper understanding of economics, anthropology, gender issues and policies. This was very valuable having come from a pure science background and it helped me integrate the two since they go hand in hand. Moving forward, I plan to be more involved in initiatives that promote social mobility and justice among the poor communities, especially in being able to access vital resources like renewable energy. A step that would enhance their economic development while conserving our environment in Kenya

Anita Owiti, MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Student, 2017MSc Environment and Development

After finishing my undergraduate studies in political science and geography at Trinity College Dublin, I decided to join the MSc in Environment and Development. I saw this as a logical step towards a better understanding of the very complex inter-dependencies between social and environmental issues. The syllabus of the programme’s core courses successfully linked these social and developmental theories to the understanding of the epistemology and ontology underlying environmental conservation projects. The school of geosciences, with a wide range of optional courses, offers the opportunity to learn and explore subjects outside one’s main field of study. Finally, the dissertation projects will allow me to dive into an issue that I am particularly fond of, along with the opportunity to conduct field research and increase my set skills through learning and application of research methods. My research will consider the energy system in a mountainous region of Central Asia where policies and demand for economic opportunity and social well-being are faced with consequential environmental issues. Because this master’s programme held a focus on the theoretical understanding of developmental and environmental issues, in the future, I would like to witness these practices by working for a developmental institution and attain a practitioner’s understanding of these issues. This programme offered me a great understanding of the self-reinforcing mechanisms behind this inter-dependency between developmental practices and environmental concerns.

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Ben RimaudMSc Environment and Development Student- Class of 2017


I just want to thank the school. It was an excellent year and it was a really amazing experience. But to be honest I couldn’t have enjoyed this masters without all my friends and colleagues….this wouldn’t have been the same experience without them

Laura ToledanoMSc Environment and Development graduate - Class of 2016 

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