School of GeoSciences


Where can a degree in MSc Environment and Development take you.

Through this MSc, you will be exposed to a range of environment and development practitioners who offer their perspectives on taught courses, through dedicated postgraduate career activities, and potentially through collaborations during your own dissertation research.

Students on the MSc can go on to seek roles in a variety of sectors, including

  • international and national development agencies
  • state agencies
  • think tanks
  • NGO’s and civil society
  • environmental and development consultancies
  •  the private sector.

Examples of where our recent graduates have secured positions include within the UN, Oxfam, Edinburgh-based consultancies and environmental certification organisations, and a range of smaller NGOs and home-country government departments around the world.

Our students are also well placed to progress to PhD research and academia. Recent graduates have for example gone on to doctoral studies focusing on marine governance in south-east Asia and on conservation practice in east Africa.