School of GeoSciences

Teaching staff

Drawing upon our expertise across the entire spectrum of the Earth Sciences, read profiles on the academic staff involved in the teaching of this degree.

Dr Noel Gourmelen (Programme Director)

Noel is a lecturer in Earth Observation of the Cryosphere. His research interests are effect of climate change on the cryosphere, seismic cycle, magmatic unrest, reservoir dynamic, and radar interferometry.

Dr Caroline Nichol

Caroline is a former NERC EO Fellow and expert on hyper spectral remote sensing. She conducts much of her work in collaboration with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The remote sensing portfolio of the Airborne GeoSciences group in Edinburgh, which hosts the School’s research aircraft, is led by Caroline.

Dr Caroline Nichol's profile

Dr Ed Mitchard

Ed is another NERC EO Fellow and specialises in mapping deforestation. Largely working in the tropical forests of Africa in Cameroon and Gabon, he is a passionate forest mapper.

Dr Ed Mitchard

You can read about his research at his blog, Deforestation Watch

Bruce Gittings

Bruce has been central to our GIS programme since their inception in the 1980s. He leads courses on Spatial Data Modelling, Distributed GIS and Spatial Database Management. Maintaining close links with industry in Scotland, the UK and beyond, he is also Vice Chairman of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and a founder of the Association for Geographic Information in Scotland.

Bruce Gittings

Dr Xavier Rubio-Campillo 

Xavier's current research explores how cultural change dynamics might often explain the patterns identified in the archaeological record and written sources

Dr Xavier Rubio-Campillo's profile 

Other programme contributors:


Dr William Mackaness

William’s research interests in exploratory data analysis and multi scale mapping dovetail with his teaching in Geovisualisation and Advanced Spatial Data Analysis. Dissertation supervision is broad, with a particular interest in location aware technologies.

Dr Iain Woodhouse

Iain has 20 years of post-PhD experience in Earth observation, specialising in radar and lidar remote sensing of forests. As a member of the NERC EO Advisory Board, and the National Space Technology Steering Group, Iain advises government on EO policy and strategy. He has also co-founded two start up companies, and advisers a further two.

Professor Iain Woodhouse

Blog at Forest Planet

Dr Neil Stuart

Neil lectures in GIS supported methods to solve practical problems of land and water resource management, including GIS applications for developing nations.

Dr Alasdair MacArthur

Alasdair manages the NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility within the School of GeoSciences. His interests lie in the application of remote sensing, and he contributes to three courses which form part of the GIS and Earth Observation programmes.

Dr Nick Hulton

Nick lectures on object-oriented programming and spatial algorithms. His research relates to building complex ice-sheet models using object-oriented and high performance computing methods.