School of GeoSciences

About the programme

Are you ready to confront the challenges of global climate change?

The MSc in Carbon Management is an interdisciplinary programme which focuses on the response to the challenge of climate change and decarbonising the economy. Drawing upon business studies, climate science, economics and the social sciences, it is delivered by the School of GeoSciences and the Business School at the University of Edinburgh.

Carbon management is at the heart of tackling climate change and has rapidly become a central part of the global business environment. This Msc is intended for graduates who want an advanced academic qualification to launch careers in carbon and climate change management in business or government.

Carbon Management

The programme creates a culture of positivity in how we think about, and act towards, the climate change challenge. It is designed to equip you with high-level knowledge and understanding of climate change economics, carbon policy, managing decarbonisation and adaptation, business and corporate strategy as well as the science of climate change. You will also develop the skills and know-how in using analytical methods in carbon economics and policy making.

This programme is ideal for those who are passionate about climate change and want a career in which they become part of the solution to one of the world’s most complex and greatest challenges.

Tailor your degree

You can devise your study based on your own personal interests and career goals through option courses and your selection of an individual research dissertation.

Edinburgh 'the Carbon Glen' 

The city of Edinburgh has emerged as one of most important global centres in carbon management. Known as the ‘Carbon Glen’, Edinburgh is a dynamic hub for both business and research institutes encompassing renewable energy, energy informatics and smart grids, agriculture, forestry and land-use, carbon capture and storage and behavioural change.

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

The MSc programme is housed within the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI)  - a work and learning space designed as a forum through which university academics and other professionals can work with businesses and local government to help develop a low-carbon society. Not only is the building exceptionally well-equipped and sustainable, you will be working and networking alongside professionals and employers within this high-demand field.

Field Trips

Field trips are an excellent way in which to explore the factors and forces that shape our world and enable you to put valuable skills into practice.

The programme runs a two-day residential field course in which we may visit a large hydropower pumped storage facility, a flood plain management scheme, an urban climate change adaptation project, a wind farm and a low-carbon farm. Several courses run half-day field trips.

*Please note: Field course locations may change for a variety of reasons. Any changes to the main destination of the field course will be announced as soon as possible. There are no additional charges for excursions.