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Excellent teaching structure both online/ website, the methodology behind the lectures, the support staff, the prompt response to questions regarding the entire class. Amazing team work behind the scenes by Dave Reay, Erika Thompson and Stephen Porter. Amazing!!! Also it was fun to learn with all of them. Challenging material, since health is actually mu field, but because of how easy it was to access material it made all the reading easy to get to and worth while. The structure and outline of the course was clear. As a student you knew what was required from you and you set your targets from the beginning.'

2015-16 EUSA Teaching Award for 'Best Course'Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations (online)

The live discussions provided an excellent way to discuss the course and apply it to what is happening in the world. The course

instructor and moderators are incredibly helpful and nice, and this has been a truly fantastic learning experience which has helped me

professionally as well. Another thing I would like to add is how much I appreciate that, despite being a distance education student, I

feel like I am a part of the university. This is attributable to everything from the little details that were looked into (email address,

sending course lectures by email on a pendrive) to the regularity of the discussion sessions and rate of response by the moderators.

CourtneyJune 2013

Breadth of cohort background, experience and perspective when such a diverse and dispersed group of students can attend the same course (because of its online format).

Passion and commitment of lecturers/course organisers and their genuine interest in students

I liked how the course allowed you to gain a good understanding of the science of climate change while also asking you to think practically in terms of responding

Student Feedback (3 respondents)January 2016

Answers from our recent survey to the question 'What are you finding most valuable about the course?': 


I thought the video format of the online course was really great. It is more similar to the lecture format that I had while I was not an online student, so the transition seemed easier, and I sort of expected this format when I enrolled. I also thought the regular hangouts worked well and kept us on track and focused.Most of all I appreciated your flexibility in our scheduling. I also thought the reading/work load was completely do-able and appreciated the more scientific and technical nature of some of the readings, despite this being a broad course.I also really loved loved loved the video assignment. This type of mini production technical skill set is becoming more in demand, especially in my line of work, and it is nice to see this reflected in the course.

CourtneyJune 2013

I have a dream…” as M.L. King said in 1968. Mine is to actively participate in our planet protection. Having the opportunity to join the University of Edinburgh for the Master in Carbon Management (online) was a trigger point in my career change. I have been an elementary teacher since 2000 in various international schools. This programme has enabled me to study a subject dear to my heart: climate change. The online courses are flexible which is wonderful as a mother of 2 young children, while being well organized and supportive at the same time. Through the interdisciplinary nature of the programme, I gain insight into the different perspectives that always come into play when tackling climate issues. At the moment, I have not decided on a career path yet. Nevertheless, renewable energies and carbon accounting are two areas that catch my attention

StephanieMay 2017

The online materials are excellent. Regular discussions of the lecture materials and completing the interesting assignments were also

very valuable.

The video assignment is one of the best I have ever seen. It doesn't only improve one's presentation skills, but gives a technical

experience of combining words, graphics, images and time to appeal to one's audience.

This is overall an excellent course for someone like me who does not have any background on climate science. I have gained a lot on

the dynamics of climate change. What I found most valuable about this course is how climate change is affecting international

development. I also found valuable the measures to be taken to adapt to climate change. I am hoping that by the end of the

programme, I shall have all the necessary knowledge about climate change.