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Degree structure, teaching & assessment

What’s it like to actually study MSc Carbon Management (Online)?

Teaching is executed through a range of unique online teaching and assessment modes all of which are designed to prepare the student for employment.

The programme is organised into three components certificates as follows, please note the first two can be taken as standalone qualifications in 12 months:

  1. PG Certificate in Climate Change Management (60 credits, 3 courses)
  2. PG Certificate in Carbon Innovation (60 credits, 3 courses)
  3. Applied Carbon Methods (60 credits, 1 course and dissertation)

If you complete both PG Certificates then you will be eligible for a PG Diploma in Carbon Management. In order to achieve the full MSc in Carbon Management, all three components must be successfully completed. The first two PG Certificates must be taken before the third can be completed. This is because the courses taught in these PG Certificates provide the foundation knowledge required to carry out the research element on the programme.

Each of the components take one year to complete (September to July), with one course per semester. The full MSc is completed over a 36-month period starting in September each year (24-month for Diploma). You can now also choose a 24-month option for the MSc (12-month for Diploma) by taking both PG Certificates in the same year.

Compulsory courses

The MSc Carbon Management has 7 compulsory courses and a dissertation element.

Teaching & assessment

MSc teaching is executed through a range of teaching and assessment modes.

Online learning support

Find out how you will be supported throughout your online journey with us.

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