School of GeoSciences

Meet the students

Meet some of this year’s Scholarship students.

Dagmawi Abegaz – Ethiopia

I am a development professional working on Food Security & Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation. 

As I come from Ethiopia, one of the least developed countries (and most vulnerable to climate change) this is a rare and excellent opportunity to access top-notch education from one of the leading universities in the world. I cannot afford to pay the fees and I am here because of the Prince's support. 

Nestor Sr Asaa Ngwabebho – Cameroon

Nestor Sr Asaa Ngwabebho
I am Biochemical engineer by profession and currently serving as Head of Division for Gas & Renewable energy at the Directorate of Shared Services-ENEO Cameroon Ltd.

An offer of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation scholarship in pursuit of PG Cert in Climate Change management will endorse in me the necessary knowledge base and skills set on how to adopt enabling Climate Change policies for renewable energy investments, provide practical tools and policy advice to accelerate renewable energy deployment within my company.

Salaheddine Hamdoun – Morocco

I’m an investment analyst working for Slokker Investments, an international real estate developer based in Washington DC. I have previously worked in banking with institutions such as ABN Amro Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Mashreqbank in financial markets as an asset and liability management trader and FX dealer.  My specialisation is foreign exchange trade, interest rates and derivatives, linked to commodities and equities.

I currently live between Morocco and California, as most of my work is conducted remotely and sometimes on location. I hold a master’s degree in International Business from Brunel University (2010) where I conducted my research on Dunning’s eclectic paradigm with reference to multinational enterprises in Morocco.  I have always had an interest in finding out how constructive investments could assist in poverty elevation. I also love playing my piano, traveling and hiking.

Thinking about how to implement climate justice in the most vulnerable communities, I have decided to use my knowledge in investments and finance to further the work that allows for a smooth transition to sustainable energy. I have had the privilege to live in places such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Qatar, the United States and Morocco. I have therefore experienced how diverse the approach to climate change in practice is.

The comprehensive and in-depth Climate Change study at the University of Edinburgh will allow me to claim a seat at the table and fully participate in the discussion. The climate change program will also be in preparation for my doctorate study.

Ultimately, I would like to work on changing the rhetoric regarding sustainable energy projects in Africa, and specifically Morocco. A lot of work has already been conducted, such as the electrification of rural areas with solar panels, but we still find challenges in water management and waste management.

Despite the recent focus on large solar energy project such as Noor in Ouarzazate, Morocco is still heavily dependent on coal energy. Morocco is also uniquely positioned as the largest phosphate producer in the world (holds 75% of the world’s reserve) and therefore carries the responsibility in engaging in mitigation projects. Hence, it is significantly important that emerging economies continue to remain involved and adjust policies accordingly, especially, when interest rates rise again. 

Mohammed Kajee – South Africa

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Prince and The Foundation for awarding me this scholarship.

I believe that a course like the Carbon Management MSc offers the perfect platform for me to broaden my knowledge base and acquire the necessary tools to effect positive, tangible change in, not only my country, but also the African continent as a whole. I am adamant that I will dedicate a large part of the remainder of my life to impacting the lives my fellow Africans, many of whom face possible devastating realities in the face of future climate change.

On a more personal note, this scholarship is one of only a few that provides funding for online MSc degrees (I could not commit to full-time MSc studies because of family and financial commitments). Without such support, I would not have been able to pursue my dream of completing a graduate degree in climate change. This scholarship has offered me a potentially life-changing opportunity to gain a degree from one of the top universities in the world - an opportunity for which I am eternally grateful.

Poornima Kumar – India

This scholarship has given me the incredible opportunity to be part of an amazing group of people who are concerned for the welfare of the planet like I am. Taking the course and interacting with my instructors and colleagues has opened my eyes to new dimensions to the climate change issue.

This broadened perspective has sharpened my way of thinking about climate change and has also made me better able to contribute to my work back at home. I'm so grateful to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for this! 

Mussa Mussa – Tanzania

My name is Mussa Abbasi Mussa, a Tanzanian based in Dar es Salaam (not the capital city, but the largest city). I have worked in the Energy and Environment sector for almost 7 years now and my passion for green world and sustainable development has escalated in recent years. 

Coming from a developing country with lots of challenges on climate change management due to high rates of deforestation caused by the unsustainable biomass use for energy, I feel that I have a role to play in maintaining a sustainable use of forest resources in providing sustainable, efficient and reliable energy services as well as mitigating risks related to climate change. 

Therefore this scholarship is very important to me because I now have a chance to play in the role of managing climate change and this will eventually make me a good ambassador for climate change management in my country and in the global community as a whole.

Gloria Namazzi – Uganda

I am Ugandan and I hold a degree in Environment Management from Makerere University in Uganda. I have about 7 years’ experience in climate change related work both in mitigation and adaptaion.

I have previously worked at the Uganda Carbon Bureau, a carbon markets project developer, where I was in charge of project development for both the Clean Development Mechanism and Gold Standard. I am currently on a secondment from GIZ Uganda to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - Regional Collaboration Center (RCC) in Kampala where I support Parties in their different climate action. In my free time, I like to play field hockey and also read up on the latest developments in criminal investigation.

The scholarship will help me get more grounded in the principles of climate science as offered in the PG Cert CC. I hope to incorporate these into my work. I am very honored to have received this scholarship.

Isheanopa Rufu – Zimbabwe

My name is Isheanopa Fanuel Rufu, I am a Foreign Service Officer in Zimbabwe's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am currently the Ministry's junior liaison officer for the United Nations General Assembly.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation scholarship has provided a great opportunity for me to learn more on climate change and its impacts which is a new and very exciting field for me as I studied Political Science in my undergraduate degree.

I will use the knowledge I have gained so far and that I will gain, to adequately advise my government, from a well-informed point of view, on how to tackle climate change nationally and harmonise those national efforts with global activities, as well as effectively participate at multilateral fora.

Dauda Suma – Sierra Leone

I am a Sierra Leonean living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and working for the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) as Senior Industrial Advisor to the Government of Ethiopia.

I am providing technical assistance on the implementation of the industry component of the Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE) of Ethiopia. I provide advisory services to the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) in the areas of Green Industrialization/Eco-Industrial Parks/SEZ Development, including resource efficiency and cleaner production, industrial solid and liquid waste management and sustainability, among others. I am a Development Economist by training and hope that this course will provide me with deeper understanding of the science of climate change.

Climate change is having a very serious impact on Africa, even though the continent is contributing very little to its causes. Africa is currently witnessing extreme weather events, such as droughts, flooding, higher temperatures, etc, that are affecting agricultural and livestock production. Our survival as well that of future generations is been threatened by climate change.

We need capacity and knowledge to be able to apply mitigation as well as adaptation measures to avert the terrible impacts of climate change. This scholarship is therefore extremely important in building my knowledge and capacity; without it, I wouldn’t have been able to undertake this online course. I am very thankful to the Prince for making it possible for me to participate in this course. 

Ebenezer Essilfie-Nyame – Ghana

Ebenezer Essilfie-Nyame is a native of Tarkwa-Bompieso, a small mining community in the Western Region of Ghana. Being born and raised in a natural resource-endowed rural community exposed him to witness at first-hand, gradual resource depletion and its impacts.

As a youth who can personally relate to the impacts of climate change in Ghana, Ebenezer is motivated to building himself as a strong brand in carbon management to make his hometown and Ghanaian communities offer the best natural environment and preserve opportunities for future generations. It was a dream come true for him to have received a Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation scholarship to pursue an MSc Carbon Management (Online Distance Learning) programme at the University of Edinburgh. Aside eliminating the imminent financial burden, the scholarship would present an opportunity and guidance to fully focus his attention on his aim of achieving the best in his studies.

Linus Agbleze – Ghana

Linus Agbleze
My educational background is in Geography and Resource Development at the undergraduate level and I was very fascinated by a number of courses I studied in climate change.

Outside the academia, I have been employed as a technical report writer at Accra Metropolitan Assembly and currently as a Research Associate.

My motivation to undertake a course in Carbon Management was necessitated by some inadequacies I experienced in employing my skills and knowledge in solving impacts of climate change in the form of coastal erosion, socio-economic impacts among others along coastal communities in Accra, Ghana.

Studies so far have produced tremendous results as I am able to better explain to the local people why climate change is real and the need for concern. This was only possible through award of Prince Albert II of Monacco Foundation Scholarship. I envisage a great benefit from the support as I hope to be a valuable asset upon completion of this course.

Matt Maynard - Chile

I am a freelance writer and photographer and for the last six years have been based in Chile, a county severely affected by climate change. I write about Chile's environment and also about adventure sport along the length of the long thin country.

By studying the PGCert in Climate Change Management I would like to add the weight of expertise and knowledge to my writing. I would like to see Chile continue to grow sustainably towards a decarbonised future, and that my work might help promote and protect its resources from the Torres del Paine towers in Patagonia, to the smoking volcanoes of the Atacama desert.