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Careers and further study

The programme is a winner of the PricewaterhouseCoopers award for ‘Teaching Employable Skills’. It is also in the  “Top 5 UK Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Masters” (Eduniversal). 

Employment sectors  - What sort of job can I do? 

Employers, businesses and individuals around the world demand the skills of our graduates.  

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You will learn relevant, vocational skills to work in businesses and sectors such as:   

  • climate change consultancy  

  • renewable energy and carbon management project development  

  • Government   

  • Non Government Organisations  

Employers – companies and organisations  

UK employers   

We boast excellent relationships with relevant employers in the UK. Our graduates gain employment in well-known organisations such as:  

  • Department of Energy and Climate Change, London  

  • Deutsche Bank, London  

  • 2020 Climate Group, Edinburgh  

  • Deloitte UK, UK  

  • Scottish Water, Edinburgh  

  • IDEAcarbon, London  

  • The Carbon Trust, London  

  • Tesco PLC, London  

  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), London  

  • Creative Carbon Scotland, UK  

  • The Helix, Edinburgh    

International employers  

Our graduates work for employers all over the world:   

  • ICLEI, Brazil  

  • Forestry Department, Malawi  

  • Japanese Ministry of Education, Japan  

  • WindPower Nepal, Nepal  

  • Greenlite Solutions, South Africa  

  • China Beijing Environmental Exchange, China  

The Careers Service  

The University Careers Service provides graduates with the best possible support gaining employment.    

Visit the University Careers Service  

Further study    

Many of our graduates also continue to further study such as climate change focused PhDs.