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Entry requirements and online application form.

The University’s application system is accessed online through the Degree Finder. Each programme under the Degree Finder will include the entry requirements for that particular programme and all the information you need to apply to study with us.

Applications and Supporting Documents

When you complete the online form you have the opportunity to upload supporting documents.  Please ensure that ALL of the following are included in your application:

  • A transcript with all of your results achieved to date
  • Copies of your degree/diploma certificate, if you have already completed your qualification
  • Two academic references
  • Evidence of your competence in written and spoken English, if English is not your first language (we accept various types of English tests - English Language Proficiency guidance)
  • Certified translations, if your original documents are not in English
  • A research proposal (not exceeding two pages)
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • A personal statement  (no more than 500 words)

You do not have to complete your application in one session, but you must complete the form fully before your application will be considered.

If you meet the requirements for the programme, you will be made an offer. If you have met all of the entry requirements this will be an 'unconditional offer' which means that you do not need to provide any further documentation.

If you have not yet met all of the entry requirements, for example, if you have not yet completed your degree or if you have not provided a suitable English language qualification, you may be made a 'conditional offer', until you meet all of the entry requirements. In this case, you will be asked to provide the required documents, and once you have done so, you should be made an unconditional offer.

We aim to make a decision on applications within three weeks of the submission of a COMPLETE application. If any documents are missing, we will request them from you.

Your academic referees will need a copy of the Referee Guidance Note.

Referee Guidance Notes and templates

Helpful resources 

GeoSciences Writing a Research Proposal page 

How to Write a Good Research Proposal PDF

Writing a Personal Statement

The personal statement

As part of the application we ask you to write a personal statement. Please ensure you complete this section as fully as possible. You should include the following details:

  • details of your proposed dissertation topic
  • why you have applied to study Palaeontology and Geobiology
  • how your experience and skills are relevant to the programme

If you meet all of the other formal entry requirments, the personal statement is vital to your application, and helps determine your eligibility for bursaries.


If you are not from the UK, you are likely to need permission to study here, as well as evidence of English language proficiency.

Applicants who meet the entry requirements and who are offered a place on the programme are generally eligible for a visa, provided other financial criteria are met. You need to apply for the visa separately, once you have been offered and accepted a place; the University will issue a CAS certificate which is required for visa applications.

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