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Social Sciences programme

In the area of Social Sciences, we award degrees classed as Human Geography.

The University of Edinburgh has an internationally recognised Human Geography Research Group, as well as meaningful associations to other social scientists elsewhere in the University, notably in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Human Geography Research group is affiliated to our Institute of Geography & the Lived Environment.

The Human Geography Research Group at the University of Edinburgh is organised around four key themes: Just Geographies; Materialising Geographies; Nature's Geographies; and Lived Geographies. Academic staff offer a variety of expertise across the discipline, with particular strengths in urban, cultural, historical and health geographies.

Run-through Masters and PhD

Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh is a member of the ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. We accept applications for ESRC 1+3 funding, where you will study an MSc by research prior to undertaking a PhD. The MSc by Research in Geography is a training degree recognised by the ESRC and the AHRC. You can take this MSc to fulfil the year-one training requirements of 1+3 ESRC funding; or to qualify for +3 funding from the ESRC or AHRC.

In 2016/17, the Human Geography pathway in the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is offering studentships. Other studentships may be available through other pathways.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for holding an ESRC studentship will be considered for an award by the Human Geography Pathway of the ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.

The awards will be made by a committee comprising representatives from the Geography programmes at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews. Other funding opportunities may also be available

ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science

As part of the research training offered through the Human Geography Pathway of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, PhD students at the end of their first two years take part in our residential field course at Kindrogan, Perthshire.

Deciding on a PhD topic

The usual process is that a prospective student will develop a 1500 page research proposal and initiate a conversation with prospective supervisors with appropriate expertise. In most cases, applicants will come with a particular topic in mind. In other cases, applicants may choose to select a topic that has already been outlined by a member of academic staff. These can be found here:

Social Sciences (Human Geography) - available PhD projects

If you would like to pursue your own project, please get in touch with a potential supervisor.

Finding a supervisor

Once you have spoken to a potential supervisor, you can apply online using our degree finder.

Apply now

Applicants should clearly specify in the ‘funding’ section of the form that they want to be considered for an ESRC or AHRC studentship.