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Physical Sciences

In the area of Physical Sciences, we award PhD and MPhil research degrees in Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences or Geology & Geophysics.

Available projects

Physical Science PhD projects are listed by discipline with application and funding details for each project. Check available PhDs within a research area, or browse all available PhDs.

Some of these projects may be available as part time study (unless you are from outside the EU). To read about the latest opportunities please go to this page.

Physical Sciences - available PhD projects


If you would like to pursue your own project, please get in touch with a potential supervisor and read about our other funding opportunities.

Academic staff list - potential supervisors

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Once you have spoken to a potential supervisor, you can apply online using our degree finder.

Research Institutes

All academic, research staff and postgraduate students are affiliated to one of our three Institutes. As groupings of researchers with related interests, the Institutes provide a forum for development of ideas, collaboration, and dissemination of results, and an environment for training, development and mentoring of research students and early-career researchers.

Earth and Planetary Science

Global Change

Geography and the Lived Environment