School of GeoSciences

Our Staff

Dr. Bryne Ngwenya

Current Research Students

Yunfan Bao Research Student (Full-Time)
Justine Domingo Research Student (Full-Time)
Jamie Hunter Research Student (Full-Time)
Gavin Sim Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students

Nimisha Joshi Bactericidal mechanisms of nanoparticles and microbial defence strategies (PhD, 2014)
Leon Kapetas Microbial controls on contaminant metal transport in porous media (PhD, 2011)
Damien Carson Biogeochemical controls on productivity and particle flux in the coastal Antarctic sea ice environment (PhD, 2009)
Andrew Broadway Development of methodologies for soil metal bioaccessibility and human health risk (PhD, 2008)
Sally Goring MSc by Research in GeoSciences (Environmental GeoScience) (MRes, 2008)
Janette Tourney The role of bacterial extracellular polymers in cell surface chemistry, metal adsorption and biomineralisation (PhD, 2008)
Zainuddin MD Yusoff Feldspar dissolution during the weathering of granite under tropical conditions (PhD, 2008)

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