School of GeoSciences

Our Staff

Professor Charles Withers

Current Research Students

Emily Akkermans Research Student (Full-Time)
Rachel Dishington Research Student (Full-Time)
Lorna Morrow Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students

Philip Dodds

Capital Mapping: Geographies of Enlightenment Edinburgh

(PhD, 2017)

Sarah Millar Science at Sea: voyages of exploration and the making of marine knowledge, 1837-1843. (PhD, 2017)
Luise Fischer Geography and Enlightenment in the German states, c.1690-c.1815 (PhD, 2014)
Julie McDougall The publishing history and development of school atlases and British geography, c.1870-c.1930 (PhD, 2013)
Amy Prior British Mapping of Africa: Publishing Histories of Imperial Cartography, c.1880-c.1915 (PhD, 2013)
Geoffrey Swinney Towards an Historical Geography of a 'National' Museum: The Industrial Museum of Scotland, the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art and the Royal Scottish Museum, 1854-1939 (PhD, 2013)
Jochen Mayer The State and Spaces of Official labour Statistics in the Federal Republic of Germany, c1950-1973 (PhD, 2012)
Carolyn Anderson Constructing the Military Landscape: the Board of Ordnance Maps and Plans of Scotland, 1689-1815 (PhD, 2010)
Innes Keighren Reading the reception of Ellen Churchill Semple's "Influences of geographic environment (1911)" (PhD, 2008)

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