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Previous Research Students

Philippa Stone Can rain forest species respond to climatic warming in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, the Peruvian Andes? (PhD, 2018)
Theresa Meacham Improving the understanding of temperate forest carbon dynamics (PhD, 2013)
Toshie Mizunuma Seasonal Patterns of Forest Canopy and Their Relevance for the Global Carbon Cycle (PhD, 2013)
Emily Woollen Carbon dynamics in African miombo woodlands (PhD, 2013)
Sanna Kivimaki Changes in carbon and nitrogen dynamics in Sphagnum capillifolium under enhanced nitrogen despostion (PhD, 2011)
Marjan Van de Weg Leaf traits and foliar CO2 exchange in a Peruvian tropical montane cloud forest (PhD, 2011)
Andrew Cross An investigation of carbon flows from forest soils, in relation to climatic warming (PhD, 2009)
Kevin Jones Measurements of advection and surface-atmosphere exchange in complex terrain (MPhil, 2009)
Yosuke Ikehara Leakage of carbon from land to sea - Mechanisms, processes and fluxes (PhD, 2008)
Evangelia Korakaki The role of size and age in the physiological ecology of Scots pine and poplar trees (PhD, 2008)
Rui Zhang Modelling carbon dioxide and water vapour over Eurpean forests (PhD, 2008)
Hazandy Abdul Hamid Effects of tree age and size on growth, physiology and water use of Acer Pseudoplatanus L. and Fraxinus Excelsior L. (PhD, 2006)

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