School of GeoSciences

Our Staff

Professor Alastair Robertson

Current Research Students

Elizabeth Balmer Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students

Matthew Booth Field-based evidence of sedimentary and tectonic processes related to continental collision: the Early Cenozoic basins of Central Eastern Turkey (PhD, 2013)
Steven Nairn Testing alternative models of continental collision in central Turkey by a study of the sedimentology, provenance and tectonic setting of Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic syn-tectonic sedimentary basins (PhD, 2011)
Dr. Gillian McCay Tectonic-Sedimentary Evolutiono f the Girne (Kyrenia) Range and teh Mesarya (Mesaoria) Basin, North Cyprus (PhD, 2010)
Timothy Kinnaird Tectonic and sedimentary response to diachronous continental collision in the easternmost Mediterranean (Cyprus) (PhD, 2008)
Peter Mackintosh Tectonic-sedimentary evolution of the northern margin of Gondwana during Late Palaeozoic-Early Cenozoic time in the Eastern Mediterranean region: evidence from the Central Tauride mountains, Turkey (PhD, 2008)

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