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Professor Karen O'Brien

The Planet Earth Lecture Series is an annual event within the School, where we work with an internationally renowned scientist to deliver a series of engaging lectures to internal and external audiences over 2 days during their stay. Our first...

Published on : Mon, 24/10/2016

Scientists studying the region’s landscape have determined how it reacted to a period of warming after the coldest point of the most recent Ice Age 21,000 years ago.

Rapid loss

Researchers found that as the Earth warmed, the West...

Published on : Mon, 22/08/2016

The Power of Swath Altimetry

A new technique in processing data from the Cryosat spacecraft will allow researchers to assess larger regions of ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. The technique is known as swath altimetry.


Published on : Thu, 12/05/2016

PUREC is a research partnership between the UK and China will develop new expertise on increasing resilience to natural disasters.


Published on : Thu, 05/05/2016

Fresh discoveries about common minerals are helping scientists better understand the nature of Earth's magnetic fields.

Hi-tech imaging technology is enabling researchers to study tiny magnetic spirals in grains of the naturally occurring...

Published on : Wed, 20/04/2016

A cross-University collaborative study into e-smoking behaviour in teens involving GeoSciences' Jamie Pearce and Catherine Tisch.

Adolescents who recall seeing e-cigarettes in shops are more likely to have tried them in the past and are more...

Published on : Fri, 15/04/2016