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Larsen C Iceberg, N Gourmelen

All eyes are on Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf as a deep crack continues to cut across the ice, leaving  a huge chunk clinging on by a mere thread. When it eventually gives way, one of the largest icebergs on record will be set adrift.  Even before...

Published on : Wed, 05/07/2017
Dr Sian Henley, School of GeoSciences

GeoSciences scientists are setting sail for the Arctic Ocean as part of a £10 million research programme to investigate how the region is changing.

Published on : Fri, 30/06/2017
Gilfillan et al

A test developed by Scottish scientists to check for leaks from carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites, where man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are stored deep underground, has been used for the first time in Canada.

Published on : Thu, 22/06/2017
Low Carbon College Agreement Signed

The University of Edinburgh has signed an agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University to establish a Sino-UK Low Carbon College aimed at developing leading international innovation in climate change research.

Published on : Mon, 29/05/2017

Computer-led analysis of tourist snaps has estimated that coral reefs contribute $36 billion per year to the global tourist economy.

Published on : Mon, 22/05/2017

Senior Researcher Dr Richard Hinton is awarded the Geological Society's Distinguished Service Award.

Published on : Fri, 19/05/2017