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51 Best Places to See Scotland's Geology

People flock to Scotland to explore and wonder at the beauty and drama of the landscape, but now everyone can find out more about exactly how these landforms were created and why they look the way they do today.  Three billion years in the making,...

Published on : Fri, 13/10/2017
N Gourmelen - Ice Shelf Appears Flat

Satellite images have helped scientists shed light on melting from the underside of Antarctica’s ice shelves.

Their findings help to explain the formation of huge inverted canyons in the underbelly of ice shelves....

Published on : Wed, 11/10/2017
GeoSciences PhD student Rory McKavney collecting samples as part of this study

Natural deposits of helium gas – best known for its use in party balloons – could help aid the safe production of shale or coal gas, research suggests.

The discovery of high levels of helium in UK coal seams could help scientists to monitor the...

Published on : Fri, 29/09/2017
Heike Langenberg, Nature Geoscience Chief Editor

Dr Heike Langenberg, Chief Editor of Nature Geoscience, visited the School and gave a short talk to an enthusiastic audience.  Staff and students were given the unique opportunity to question the Nature Geoscience Chief Editor on a number of topics...

Published on : Thu, 28/09/2017
S Flude and S Gilfillan

A new method that inexpensively monitors the safe storage of industrial greenhouse gas emissions is to be used by a leading research project.

The test will aid the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, in which carbon...

Published on : Wed, 20/09/2017