School of GeoSciences

The Hutton Club Seminars

Welcome to The Hutton Club, the University of Edinburgh's seminar and discussion series for earth surface processes and physical geography.

Our speakers come from both Edinburgh and further afield. If you would be interested in coming to speak, or would like to meet one of our speakers prior to a talk, please get in touch.

Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 4pm in the Old Library, Institute of Geography, Drummond Street. All are welcome and free refreshments are provided!

We coordinate our seminars with the EEO-AGI seminar series where possible to provide a single seminar most Friday afternoons.


2015/2016 Programme

25 September 2015 Dr. ALEX HANDWERGER, University of Oregon

Controls on the kinematics of slow-moving landslides from satellite radar interferometry and mechanical modeling

9 October 2015 Dr. ROB ARTHERN, British Antarctic Survey

Flow speed within the Antarctic ice sheet and its controls inferred from satellite observations

23 October 2015 MARTIN BRADER, University of Durham

Testing hypotheses of the Last Glacial Maximum glaciation of Iceland using relative sea-level data and glacio-isostatic adjustment modelling

6 November 2015 Dr. JONATHAN KINGSLAKE, British Antarctic Survey

Dating ice rise formation in the Ronne Ice Shelf, West Antarctica, using ice-penetrating radars

13 November 2015 Prof. ADRIAN HALL, University of Stockholm

The last ice sheet in Scotland: facts and speculative discussion

19 November 2015 EDWIN BAYNES, University of Edinburgh

Canyon believe it? The role of waterfalls and extreme events in bedrock erosion

27 November 2015 ANDREW TEDSTONE, University of Edinburgh

Hydrological controls on Greenland Ice Sheet motion

22 January 2016 Prof. JAMIE WOODWARD, University of Manchester

Shifting Sediment Sources in the World's Longest River: A Strontium Isotope Record for the Holocene Nile

5 February 2016 Dr. RACHEL CARR, Newcastle University - Cancelled due to illness

Title TBC

12 February 2016 Prof. Roy Thompson, University of Edinburgh

The Paris Climate Agreement - grounds for optimism, or for grim foreboding?


26 February 2016 Dr. ANNE MATHER, Plymouth University

Rapid base-level change and fluvial systems: cause and effect

4 March 2016 Dr. Matt Westoby

Title TBC


11 March 2016 Dr. NICK CUTLER, University of Cambridge

Title TBC

18 March 2016 Dr. Richard Williams

Title TBC


22 April 2016 Dr. Hermione Cockburn, Our Dynamic Earth

Title TBC

29 April 2016 Dr. Vasmi Ganti

Title TBC


6 May 2016 Prof. KEVIN EDWARDS, University of Aberdeen

Pollen, palynologists, people - glorious past, what of the future?


Please contact Donald Slater or Damon Davies if you have a visitor who would like to give a talk during the coming autumn or next spring.