School of GeoSciences

EEO-AGI(S) Series Programme

A Seminar Series in GIS, Remote Sensing, and GeoInformatics organised by the Edinburgh Earth Observatory in conjunction with the AGI-Scotland

2019-20 Programme

Old Library, Geography, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are held at 4.30pm in the Old Library, Institute of Geography , University of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP.

These are then followed by AGI Geo-Drinks in Teviot Library Bar, EH8 9AJ at 5.45 allowing plenty room for informal professional networking.

Friday 27th Sept 2019, 4.30pm

Dr. Richard Tipper

Executive Chairman, Ecometrica

Title: Climate Resilience Needs Geoscientists!

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Friday 11th Oct 2019, 4.30pm

Joint EEO-AGI(S)/Hutton Club Seminar

Nick McWilliam


Title: To follow

Friday 8th Nov 2019, 4.30pm

Joint EEO-AGI(S)/Hutton Club Seminar

Dr. Lyn Wilson

Digital Documentation Manager, Historic Environment Scotland

Title: To follow

Friday 29th Nov 2019, 4.30pm

Dr. Thierry Gregorius

Principal Consultant, Exprodat Consulting Ltd.

Title: To follow