School of GeoSciences

EEO-AGI(S) Series Programme

A Seminar Series in GIS, Remote Sensing, and GeoInformatics organised by the Edinburgh Earth Observatory in conjunction with the AGI-Scotland

2019-20 Programme

Old Library, Geography, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are held at 4.30pm in the Old Library, Institute of Geography , University of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP.

These are then followed by AGI Geo-Drinks in Teviot Library Bar, EH8 9AJ at 5.45 allowing plenty room for informal professional networking.

Friday 2nd Oct 2020, *5pm* - New Time 5-6pm

Online on Zoom - all details via mailing list*

Prof. Michael Peterson

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Title: Evaluating Feature Density on Large Scale Online Maps

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Comparing large scale maps from services like Google, Microsoft Bing, and Mapbox serves to evaluate both the rendering of the maps and the quality and completeness of the underlying vector data. A method is introduced to evaluate feature density for online mapping services. The comparison procedure generates map pairs at random locations using the Application Programmer Interface (API) for the different mapping services. The quality of each representation is then evaluated for feature and label density. The comparison is done for three different continents. For North America, it was found that maps from Google had consistently higher feature and label densities than those from Microsoft Bing and Mapbox. Google’s advantage in Europe was slightly less pronounced. Maps from Microsoft Bing were more detailed in Sub-Saharan Africa in comparison to both Google Maps and Mapbox. Maps from Mapbox, that relies exclusively on OpenStreetMap data, had the lowest feature and label density for all three areas compared to the other two services.

About the Speaker:

Michael Peterson is a professor of geography at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the US. He has held appointments at a number of universities around the world including the University of Washington in Seattle, the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Freie University of Berlin, the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, the Applied University in Munich, Germany, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Wuhan and Lanzhou Jiaotong universities in China. His published work is most closely related to maps and the Internet.  His first book, "Interactive and Animated Cartography," appeared over 25 years ago.  Other titles include "Maps and the Internet," "International Perspectives on Maps and the Internet," "Multimedia Cartography," and "Online Maps with APIs and Webservices." His most recent book is entitled "Mapping in the Cloud" and represents a guide on how to introduce online mapping in the classroom.

He is currently on leave from his university and has been living in Edinburgh since December 2019. 

Friday 16th Oct 2020, *5pm* - New Time 5-6pm

Online on Zoom - all details via mailing list*

David Cameron-Mackintosh

Survey Solutions Scotland

Title: Modern Surveying: Tech and Technique

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About the talk:

David will give a fast-paced overview of modern survey data collection and data processing techniques. As well as touching on developments in GNSS receivers, total stations, laser scanning systems and photogrammetry he will look at the integration of these technologies at the equipment level and at the data processing level. 

About the Speaker:

David Cameron-Mackintosh is a Sales Director at Survey Solutions Group, one of the largest survey equipment suppliers in Scotland, who provide surveying equipment to many of the large infrastructure projects in Scotland such as the recent M8 upgrades, the new Queensferry Crossing and the Edinburgh Trams project as well as supplying many of the Scottish land survey companies. Their main focus is to allow their users to use the latest surveying technologies successfully.

As a graduate of Glasgow University he has been a guest lecturer for their Civil Engineering Surveying course in recent years. After several years as a land surveyor and a land survey manager he has been working with Survey Solutions Group for the last 17 years.