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Friday 15th Jan 2020, 5-6pm, Zoom

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Dr. Kirsty Millican

Aerial Survey Projects Manager, Heritage Directorate, Historic Environment Scotland

Title: Remote sensing and archaeological landscape survey: introducing the Rapid Archaeological Mapping Programme


This talk will introduce the Rapid Archaeological Mapping Programme, an ongoing project at Historic Environment Scotland (HES) developing applications of remote sensing for archaeological landscape survey. As the lead publicly-funded body for the historic environment in Scotland, HES’ role includes the identification, recording, understanding and interpretation of the historic environment. This includes the archaeological mapping of sites and landscapes, a key role established for over a century. This function has benefited from the routine use of traditional aerial photography for over 70 years, but increased availability of other remote sensed data such as airborne laser scanning (ALS/Airborne LiDAR) and satellite data presents new opportunities. It is in this context that the Rapid Archaeological Mapping Programme has been developed as a research and development project that aims to develop protocols for creating systematic archaeological data across large areas, drawing heavily on remote sensed data. This talk will outline the project, the datasets used and the challenges encountered, presenting preliminary results for survey areas completed.

About the Speaker:

Dr Kirsty Millican is an archaeologist with expertise in aerial and cropmark archaeology. She has a BSc, MPhil and PhD in archaeology. As Aerial Survey Projects Manager at Historic Environment Scotland she is responsible for the aerial survey programme at HES, airborne mapping of cropmark archaeology and is a key member of the RAMP team. More widely, her research interests include Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Scotland, cropmark and landscape archaeology.


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