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Friday 12th Oct 2018, 4.30pm

Joint EEO-AGI(S)/Hutton Club Seminar

Dr. Lesley Gibson and Dr. David Rush

School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

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Title: Remote sensing detection of fires in informal settlements

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Informal settlements are highly vulnerable to fire due to high dwelling density, inadequate building methods and flammable building materials used in construction. IRIS-Fire is an international and interdisciplinary research project, between engineers and social scientists looking to Improve the Resilience of Informal Settlements to Fire. The project is developing fundamental understanding of the social, political, and technical issues regarding fire safety and fire spread within informal settlements situated in the Western Cape of South Africa and beyond. This seminar will present some of the geospatial research being undertaken by the IRIS-Fire project team including: 1) the use of Sentinel 2 data in Google Earth Engine to identify historic fires, 2) the development of spatial metrics as indicators of fire risk, and 3) identification of settlements most at risk.


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