School of GeoSciences

Good Research: Sharing Experience Meetings

"Good Research: Sharing Experience" is an informal monthly meet up to discuss the ethics and concerns that arise in our research and wider academic experience. It provides a forum for bringing together staff, postdocs and doctoral students in GeoSciences (and beyond) to share experiences, propose solutions and thus do good research.


Sessions will take place alternate months in Kings Buildings and Drummond Street on a Wednesday lunchtime (1-2pm) during semester 1 and 2 (only). Topics will be introduced by a speaker and followed by open discussion. Free tea, coffee and cake will be provided.


Please do consider coming along and sharing your experiences. If you would like to propose a topic for future sessions please do get in touch with Sam Staddon


Programme for Spring 2019


27th February 2019 - Drummond Street - 1:00pm

Where on stands? Ethics, solidarity and taking a stance? - introduced by Emma Saunders (2.19 Old Library, Geography Building)

27th March 2019 - King's Buildings - 1:00pm

Geovandalism - What (not) to do when out in the field - introduced by Cees-Jan de Hoog (Cockburn Museum, Grant Institute)


Programme for Autumn 2018


24th October 2018 - Drummond Street - 1:00pm

Action Research & The Oppressed - introduced by Glen Cosquer (2.19 Old Library, Geography Building)

14th November 2018 - Drummond Street - 1:00pm

On Being an 'In/Outsider' in Research - introduced by Cathy Smith (2.19 Old Library, Geography Building)

5th December 2018 - Drummond Street - 1:00pm

Care & Emotion in the Academy - introduced by Sam Staddon (2.01 Geography Building)


Programme for Spring 2018 


14th February 2018 - King's Buildings - 1:30pm

Authorship & collaboration – introduced by Simon Shackley (Cockburn Museum, Grant Institute)

8th March 2018 - Drummond Street - 4:00pm (joint HGRG Seminar)

A politics of care in Academia – introduced by Kye Askins from Glasgow University (G10 Drummond Library)

28th March 2018 - Drummond Street - 1:00pm

GPS Data, Identity & Confidentiality – introduced by Gary Watmough (4.09 Darwin)


Programme for Autumn 2017 (all sessions run 1-2pm):


20th September 2017 - King's Buildings

Bribery in fieldwork – introduced by Ed Mitchard (Cockburn Museum, Grant Institute)

Summary: Good Research - Bribery in fieldwork (PDF)

4th October 2017 - Drummond Street

Developing effective partnerships – introduced by Iain Woodhouse (Room 2.01, Geography Building )

Summary: Good Research - Developing effective partnerships (PDF)

1st November 2017 - King's Buildings

Working with local field teams – introduced by Rose Pritchard (Room 304, Crew)

Summary: Good Research - Working with local field teams (PDF)

6th December 2017 - Drummond Street

Gaining 'informed consent' - introduced by Krithika Srinivasan (Old Library)