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Absence and Leave

In accordance with University policy, staff are required to record all planned absences of half a day or more via an online form (unless, in the case of support staff only, other arrangements have been made with their line manager).

'Absence' is not merely annual leave, it is just as important to record absences from University premises due to fieldwork, conferences, training, working at home etc.

Planned Absence

Link to: Further information and the absence form

If absent but not on annual leave it will be assumed that employees can be contacted (by email or telephone) unless indicated otherwise on the online form. It is extremely helpful if staff set up an 'out of office' message on their email account if on annual leave or otherwise unable to answer email.

In the case of academic staff voluntary absences of 5 days or more during Semester, for any reason, must be cleared with the Head of School. The University's Semester Calendar is available. Note that Welcome week is within Semester.

Link to: Semester Calendar

Research and support staff should also get permission for annual leave from their line managers. Susie Crocker (Staffing Team Leader) can provide advice on the different forms and systems available to record approval of absence.

Sick Leave

The online system should be used to record planned absence.  It should not be used for sick leave which requires different actions:

  • Research and support staff should telephone their manager (or PI) before 9.30 on the first day of sickness who should report the absence to the Staffing Team Leader (Susie Crocker, 0131 650 7737) in the School Office, or if unavailable, Joy Candlish. Academic staff should contact the Staffing Team Leader directly.
  • Staff should self-certificate for sickness resulting in between 4 and 7 days of absence (weekends included), a doctor's certificate being required for longer periods of illness.
  • Don't forget to inform the Staffing Team Leader when you return from sick leave.
  • Entitlement to sick leave is governed by your Conditions of Service

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