School of GeoSciences

Working in the School

A source of information and useful links for new and established members of staff to help understand working practices within the School and the University.

Information for new appointments

employee handbook with glasses on top
Information on arrival, induction and other useful links for new staff members. 

Staff Development and Wellbeing

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A summary of and links to procedures associated with career development, health & well being and workload

Absence and Leave

Leave of Absence request form on desk
In accordance with University policy, staff are required to record all planned absences of half a day or more via an online form (unless, in the case of support staff only, other arrangements have been made with their line manager).

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The School is committed to creating a culture where all staff and students are treated with equally, with respect and feel safe and fulfilled within our community

Support for staff with caring responsibilities (secured)

The School provides enhanced support for staff and PhD students with family/caring responsibilities through its Family Support Policy

Recruitment Advice and Guidance

This page provides guidance for all managers undertaking recruitment of new staff.