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Student Support

The School Tutoring Statement outlines the academic and pastoral care for all students in the school, including information on individual and group meetings with your Personal Tutor.

School Tutoring Statement

Academic Support

Academic support for GeoSciences students, such as advice on course choices, guidance on study skills and issues, and monitoring academic progress, is provided by Personal Tutors.

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support, such as advice to students having personal problems affecting their studies, or having difficulties with any aspect of university life is provided by dedicated Student Support Coordinators.

Coordinators of Adjustments

Your Student Support Coordinators also act as your Coordinators of Adjustments. You are likely to come into contact with the Coordinators of Adjustments if you have a Learning Adjustment Profile provided to you by the University Student Disability Service.

The Coordinator of Adjustment role supports your studies by acting as:

  • The main point of contact for students with Adjustment Schedules;
  • The named contact for students with specific disorders e.g. Aspergers or ADHD. We can work with you to help address any disability-related barriers which are likely to affect your academic progress.
  • The main contact with Course Organisers & Course Secretaries regarding the implementation of necessary adjustments.
  • A liaison with the School Disability Contact & Student Disability Service as required.

Coordinators of Adjustments will:

  • Have knowledge of key disability issues that students may be faced with and attend training events to keep up to date on these.
  • Have good knowledge of University Policy and how this affects the implementation of Adjustments.

If a need arises for an adjustment that requires further support, the Coordinator of Adjustments will liaise with the School Disability Contact. The School Disability Contact will then try to solve any issue, and will liaise directly with the Student Disability Service as required.

Your Coordinators of Adjustments are:


Cathy Campbell and Katy McPhail

Room 2.09B, Drummund Street

Earth Science and Environmental & Ecological Studies

Emma Latto and Nikki Muir

Room 337, Grant Institute, KB

The School of GeoSciences Disability Contact is:

Susan Orr, Head of Student Services


How can we help you?

A summary of student support provided by each Teaching Office and guidance on who to ask for help is provided at the links below

Useful policies, key documents and forms

Links to useful University policies, such as the Maternity and family leave for students Policy, Go Abroad Policy, and Tier 4 Student Attendance and Engagement Policy.

Feedback and Complaints

We welcome your feedback and comments on our student support system. In addition, if you experience difficulties or would like to lodge a complaint regarding the provision of support (within the expectations outlined above), please contact the Head of Student Services. Your complaint will be fully investigated to ensure appropriate levels of provision are being offered.

Susan Orr

Head of Student Services

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Grant Institute
Kings Buildings
James Hutton Road

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