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Student Representation and Committees

Information on Student-Staff Liaison Committees, student representatives, class representatives and details of feedback initiatives in the School.

You said, We Did

Details of recent issues raised via Student Representatives and programme feedback and the action we have taken.

You Said, We Did

Student Staff Liaison Committee

Information on our SSLC meetings, including key dates and meeting minutes.


Student Representative and SSLC Framework

The School of GeoSciences has developed an enhanced Student Representation and Student Staff Liaison (SSLC) Framework to ensure the student voice is represented in each are of the School. All Student Representative with meet with our Head of School at the start of the academic year and once each semesters. Opportunities will be available on relevant school committees and working groups. Student Representatives will also use webforms to support their engagement in their local SSLC to help set the agenda.

School Representatives and Student Council

School Reps are tasked with representing hundreds of students in a particular school. They have the power to influence key members of staff in a department and voice their opinion on and enact EUSA policy in Student Council meetings. Being a successful School Rep carries a number of responsibilities which must be fulfilled. School representatives are invited to take part in Teaching Programme Reviews and Board of Studies meetings to discuss changes to courses and degree programmes.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives provide the vital link between students and the staff who support their learning. Class Representatives can feedback on the content and delivery of courses and thereby influence the overall student learning experience.

A Class Representatives' primary responsibility is to their classmates: to learn about and to understand their views and suggestions about the course provision, as well as to provide a link between them and the course team.

It is important that, once a Class Representative has attended the SSLC, they feedback the results of the discussions to their class. It is equally important that a class feels they are being well represented and will feel comfortable approaching a Class Rep with any issues.

2017/18 Class Representatives

Class Reps are listed below.



This article was published on Feb 6, 2018