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Travel and Fieldwork Forms - School of Geosciences

The following Travel and Fieldwork Forms are specific to the activities of the School of Geosciences and differ from the standard University of Edinburgh forms found on the Health and Safety Department Web Pages.

The forms provide a streamlined and risk-based approach to overseas travel and fieldwork. This system requires one form per campaign of travel/fieldwork (i.e. one assessment may cover a series of visits to multiple sites). One, well considered, risk assessment form is preferable to several forms for essentially the same activity.

Please read through the Travel and Fieldwork Flowchart (below) to decide which form is most appropriate for your travel or fieldwork. It is expected that most travel to meetings and conferences will be considered low-risk. Low Risk Travel will no longer require a full risk assessment, merely a notification that travel is being undertaken. Please see the Low Risk Travel Checklist (below) to decide if your travel is classed as Low Risk.


Please note that the system is designed such that, where groups are travelling together, only one risk assessment is required. One person within the group should be nominated to take the lead on creating the risk assessment and having it approved. The remainder of the group should acknowledge that they have read the risk assessment by signing the sign off sheet at the end of the risk assessment.

The Flowchart will guide you through the process and link to pages / files as required.



Please also note that, for all Taught Fieldtrips, the following Code of Practice is School Policy



Risk Assessment Forms:







If you have any questions with regards to the operation of this system of risk assessments, or assistance with completing the forms, please contact John Watt

Advice and information on your planned destinations can be found at the following websites:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice

The University also subscribes to the RED 24 Service (Access code available on request)

Please not that the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is the primary source of travel advice. RED 24 may be used to gain more detail but where RED 24 shows a lower level of threat, the FCO advice MUST be followed

Advice for Staff and PhD Students on current disease outbreaks and provision of vaccinations can be obtained through the Occupational Health Travel Clinic. Appointments should be booked 6-8 weeks before travel: Occupational Health Travel Clinic