School of GeoSciences

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Our primary objective is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in which our research and teaching can flourish. To this end we promote health and safety awareness at every level, maintain the high profile given to health and safety issues across the School, and aim for continuous improvement in the standards of care we apply in everything we do.

The School takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously. It is the policy of the School of GeoSciences to comply fully with the Health & Safety at Work. Act 1974, and with those statutory regulations, made under the Act, which apply to each and every aspect of our work.

The School is conscious of the need for safe working conditions, and will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its staff, students and visitors, by promoting a positive Health and Safety culture. To do this successfully, we rely on all members of the School understanding and carrying out their duty of sensible and safe practice, and to co-operate and communicate effectively with each other.

Staff, students and visitors will be provided with such information, training, supervision, and support, as is necessary for them to carry out their work safely and to minimise the opportunities for accidents and occupational ill health.

The law makes it clear that each of us has a duty to follow safe working practices. Our School and local policies and codes are designed so that together we can achieve this. Staff, students and visitors, for their part, are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety Policies of both the School of GeoSciences and of the University, and for working, at all times, in a manner which is safe for themselves and for others.

Those who supervise the work of others have the responsibility for ensuring that they understand their duty towards safe working, and are adequately trained in relevant policies and procedures. Everyone working on School premises or business must recognise that there is a statutory duty on them to exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and others, and to comply fully with the School and University safety policies.

The identification of hazards and assessment of risks is both a legal requirement and central to the success of our Health & Safety Policy. All our activities and facilities will be subjected to the risk assessment process and all staff and students are required to participate in this process.

The School Health & Safety Policy and local policies and codes are accessible to all staff, students and visitors on the School web site.

Our Policy applies throughout the School and to all its activities. It is not a replacement for the University Policy but is designed to supplement and expand on those parts of the University Policy which relate to the School and its work. Staff and students are urged to read the relevant parts of the University Health & Safety Policy in conjunction with this document and the local polices and codes. It is an absolute duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act for the School to have a Health & Safety Policy and every member of the School must comply with its terms.

Sandy Tudhope 1 August 2011