School of GeoSciences

Low Risk Areas: Responsible Persons

Responsible persons for low risk areas of the School


Grant Institute, KB


Room/Area Location Responsible Person
Teaching Labs JCMB Janet Bell
4th Year Geology Lab Room 304 Janet Bell
Large Lecture Theatre Room 201 Janet Bell
Environmental Geoscience Lab Darwin Building Sandy Tudhope
Computing Lab Room 143 Shane Voss, Justin McNeil
Seismic Interpretation Lab Room 325 John Underhill
Museum Room 316 Gordon Waugh
Meeting Rooms Rooms 320 & 349 Gordon Waugh
Photocopying Room Room 347 Gordon Waugh
Technical Staff Room Room 203 Bob Brown
Pantry Room 315 Alex Jackson


Crew Building & Annex, KB


Room/Area Location Responsible Person
Seminar/Meeting Rooms Room140-144 Graham Walker
Computing Labs Room Graham Walker
Coffee lounge & Kitchen RoomB.08-09 Graham Walker
Photocopier Room B.Z13 Graham Walker
Teaching Annex All rooms Graham Walker


Geography Building, Drummond St


Room/Area Location Responsible Person
Computing Labs Rooms 1.21, 1.23,1.26 Steve Dowers
All Teaching Rooms   Ray Harris
Staff Common Room Room 2.5 Ray Harris