School of GeoSciences

Lab and Workshop Signage

Door Signage

Door signage at the entrance to potentially hazardous areas serves a number of purposes:


1 To warn those about to enter of the hazards present

2 To inform contractors and maintenance staff who to contact for a permit

3 To inform those responding to an emergency of the hazards present and key contacts who need to be informed / may be able to supply more information.


The first of these issues should be addressed by displaying appropriate Hazard Warning signs at the entrance to, and within the lab or workshop. Advice may be sought from the School Health and Safety Manager. To address the remaining points, the Door Signage Template GEOS-H&S-FORM-012 has been created to standardise door signage across the School. The form should be edited to provide the following information then laminated and displayed at the entrance to the Laboratory / Workshop area.