School of GeoSciences

High Risk Areas: Responsible Persons

Responsible persons for high risk areas of the School


Grant Institute, KB


Laboratory/Workshop Location Responsible Person
Clipper Saw Outside Room Mike Hall
Crushing and Grinding Outside Room Nic Odling
Organic Geochemistry Lab SJML Room 5 Steve Mowbray
Cold Store SJML Room 20 Steve Mowbray, Bryne Ngwenya
Microbial Geochemistry Labs SJML Rooms 7, 17 & 18 Bryne Ngwenya
Geophysical Flow Laboratory SJML Room 28 Eliza Calder
Experimental Aqueous Geochemistry Lab & Rock Physics Store SJML Rooms 8 & 15 Ian Butler
Thin Section Workshops SJML Rooms 10-14 Mike Hall
Oceanography Store SJML Room 16 Steve Mowbray, John Craven
Ion Microprobes Rooms 112 & 113 John Craven
Electron Microprobes Rooms 119 & 120 Chris Hayward
SEM Room 114 Nicola Cayzer, John Craven
Microscope Lab Room 100 John Craven, Nicola Cayzer
Probe Prep Lab Room 119 John Craven, Chris Hayward
Mechanical Workshops Rooms 116 & 122 Alex Hart
Oil Store Room 129 Alex Hart
Cold Store Room 139 Alex Jackson
Gravity Room Room 140 Hugh Pumphrey
Solid Media & Atmospheric Lab Room 123 Ian Butler
2kB, 5kB, X-ray CT & Rock Press Labs Rooms 124 & 125, 127 Ian Butler
Control Room Room 126 Ian Butler
Experimental Petrology Prep Rooms 133-135 Ian Butler
Rock Prep Room 136 Nic Odling
Drilling Lab Room 207 Nic Odling
Mineral Prep & Gel Prep Room 214 Ian Butler
Elemental Analysis Lab (AA Spectrophotometer) Room 219 Clare Peters
Chemical Store Room 222 Clare Peters
Chemistry & Balance Lab Rooms 227 & 228 Clare Peters
Sedimentology Lab Room 236 Clare Peters
XRF & XRD Spectrometers Room 230 Nic Odling
XRF Prep Labs Rooms 233 & 234 Nic Odling
Stable Isotope Mass Spec Room 224 Colin Chilcott,
Oceanography Lab Room 223 Alex Thomas
Clean Lab Rooms 225 & 226 Laeticia Pichevin
ICP OES Room 235 Laeticia Pichevin
Core Prep Lab Room 238 Alan Pike, Jim Smith
Loading Bay Room 239 Alan Pike, Jim Smith
Palaeomagnetism & Cryogenics Room 237 Alan Pike, Wyn Williams
Electronics Workshop Room 242 Bill McCulloch, Alex Jackson
High Field Lab and Map Room Room 243 Jenny Tait
NERC Field Spectroscopy Room 243 Chris Maclellan, Alasdair MacArthur
NERC GeoPhysics Pool Rooms 244-248 Alan Hobbs
Palaeontology Lab Room 322 Steve Brusatte



Crew Laboratories, KB


Laboratory/Workshop Location Responsible Person
Chemistry Labs Rooms 4, 5, & 21 John Mormon
Balances Room 18 John Mormon
Ovens and furnaces Room 23 John Mormon
Fridges and freezers Room 22 John Mormon
Forest Physiology and Drone Prep Room 11 Isla Myers-Smith, Alastais McArthur
Plant Soil Systems Room 12 Lorna Street
Biogeochemistry Room 13 Kate Heal
Airborne Research Rooms 14 & 15 John Moncrieff
Gas Chromatography Room 20 TBC
Microscopes Room 1 Andy McLeod
Gas Lab Room 2 Andy McLeod



Biochar Laboratories, KB


Laboratory/Workshop Location Responsible Person
Biochar Labs Rooms 1 - 7 Ondrej Masek, Saran Sohi
Biochar Labs Rooms 8 - 9 Ondrej Masek, Saran Sohi
Pilot Plant N/A Ondrej Masek, Saran Sohi



Geography Building, Drummond St


Laboratory/Workshop Location Responsible Person
Tephra Prep 4.02 Anthony Newton
Sediment Lab 3.02 Anthony Newton
Paleoecology Lab & Chemical Store 3.07 Anthony Newton
Microscope Room 3.06 Anthony Newton
Geochemistry Lab 3.01 Andy Hein/Elaine MacDougall
Mineral Separation Lab 3.03 Anthony Newton, Elaine MacDougall
Al/Be Lab 3.05a Andy Hein/Elaine MacDougall
Cl Lab 3.05b Andy Hein/Elaine MacDougall