School of GeoSciences

Current Fire Stewards

If the designated steward or depute is absent, the duties of fire steward MUST be undertaken by the most senior person present. Instructions for Fire Stewards and Fire Coordinators can be found in the School Health & Safety Policy.


Grant Institute, KB

Area Steward Deputies
Hutton Lecture Theatre, Teaching Room (304b) Lecturer in charge Senior person present
New First Floor (Check teaching room 304b) + New Attic Wyn Williams Kate Saunders
Old Attic Gordon Waugh Brendan Martin/Matt Ball
Old First Floor (west), Central Offices, Ladies Toilet Helena Sim Rosanna Maccagnano
Old First Floor (east) + Museum & Pantry Katie Galbraith Emma Latto
Old Ground Floor (east) + Technician's Room Gillian McCay Simon Harley, Godfrey Fitton
Old Ground Floor (southwest) Alan Pike Jim Smith
Old Ground Floor (northwest) Ann Mennim Nic Odling
New Ground Floor + Gents Toilet Alan Hobbs Colin Kay
New Basement (Computing), Old Basement Justin MacNeil Magnus Hagdorn, Helen Pearson
Old Extension (Workshops/XP) Bob Brown Alex Hart
Old Extension (EMACS), Outside Sawing/Crushing & Grinding John Craven Richard Hinton


Sir John Murray Labs, KB


Area Steward Depute
Corridor from fire exit to main entrance, all labs and offices including rooms leading off labs or offices Mike Hall Graham Nicolson (Biological Stores)



Crew Building, KB


Area Steward Depute
Lower Ground Floor Andrew Cross Andy McLeod
Ground Floor Meredith Corey Sarah McAllister
First Floor (main corridor) David Stevenson Christopher Merchant
First Floor (front wings) Graham Walker Hugh Pumphrey
Attic Graham Walker Hugh Pumphrey



Crew Annex, KB


Area Steward Depute
East Ground Floor Lecturer in charge Senior person present
West Ground Floor Lecturer in charge Senior person present


Crew Labs, KB


Area Steward Depute
Ground Floor John Morman Andy Gray


Biochar Labs

Area Steward Depute
All rooms off corridor Clare Peters Walter Lowe
Biochar Extension Walter Lowe Clare Peters


Geography Building, Drummond St

Area Steward Depute
Basement - West Wing Gavin Park Chris Place
Basement - East Wing incl PG Rooms & ladies toilet xxx Gavin Park
Ground Floor - East Wing inc Pabbay Suite. xxx Alasdair Howie
Ground Floor - West Wing inc Open IT lab and Barra Suite and Gents toilet. Beth Muir Hugh Sinclair
Ground Floor - North Wing incl Gents toilet. Marc Metzger Hugh Sinclair
First Floor - West Wing inc Physical Laboratories. Elaine McDougall Anthony Newton
First Floor - East Wing inc Upper & Lower Lewis rooms. Frank Mayle Pete Nienow
First Floor - North Wing and Rooms 24 - 28. Anthony Newton Iain Woodhouse
Second Floor - North Wing. William Mackaness Mike Summerfield


Drummond Annex (EIDC)

Area Steward Depute
All rooms off corridor xxx Derek Robinson