School of GeoSciences

Eye Tests

Please note that routine eye tests are free of charge in Scotland. However, if you use a computer regularly and it is essential to your work, the School may make a contribution towards the cost of prescription glasses for this work. Computer screens are defined, for safety purposes, as part of your Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

Please see the following for guidance:

If you wish to obtain glasses from your own optician, rather than the University approved suppliers, you must discuss this with the School Health and Safety Manager in advance.

Note that:

  • The School is not obliged to pay for any glasses other than for DSE use, or for more than the cost of basic frames and lenses.
  • You must provide a receipt specifying that the glasses prescribed are for DSE or computer use.
  • The University does not contribute to the additional cost of a DSE eye test provided by any other optician.
  • So-called 'VDU glasses', which claim to protect users against radiation, are not corrective glasses and are not available through these arrangements.