School of GeoSciences

RSO Committee Roles

A number of specific roles exist in the RSO committee to facilitate our work, although all committee members help out with running / developing events and attending meetings. Non-specific committee members are also always welcome.

Chair and Finance Manager (position available): The chair and finance manager has overall responsibility for coordinating the committee and finances of the RSO.

Research Staff Representative / Lobbyist (position available): The Representative / Lobbyist sits on relevant committees such as H&S and equality and diversity. They are involved in monitoring research staff wellbeing and campaigning for better working conditions where necessary.

Social Officer (position available): The Social Officer is responsible for facilitating RSO social events.  Remember the whisky tasting?

Career Development Officers (2 posts – currently unfilled. Please consider volunteering): Career Development Officers help to raise awareness of development and funding opportunities, such as proposal deadlines and IAD courses, and are responsible for organising career development workshops.

Building representatives (position available): As the School of Geosciences is currently spread over three different buildings on two campuses, each building has its own RSO representative, who will welcome new research staff members and provide a point of contact. 

Webmaster (currently Gus): The webmaster is responsible for keeping these webpages up to date. If you are interested in volunteering for this role, you will need to complete two University of Edinburgh courses: Edweb and Writing for the web.