School of GeoSciences

Meet the Committee

Here are the current Geosciences RSO committee members. New committee members are always welcome.

New Committee Members are always welcome so please check out our committee roles and consider volunteering on the RSO committee.

Andrew  Schurer (Grant  / Crew Building Rep.),  Crew, Room 306: Andrew has been a post-doc in the school of Geoscience since 2011, and is investigating the drivers of past climate change, with a particular interest in the climate of the last millennium. Andrew studied for a PhD in astrophysics in Trieste (Italy), so the move to Edinburgh was quite a change in terms of both research topic and climate.

Andrew (Gus) Fraser-Harris (Webmaster): Andrew (more commonly known as Gus) began a post-doc in February 2016 after completing a PhD here at Edinburgh developing a model for clay behaviour in a radioactive waste disposal setting. He currently works on the GREAT cell project building new experimental equipment to investigate rock behaviour subjected to subsurface stresses, temperatures, and fluid pressures.