School of GeoSciences

Research Staff Organisation

The School of GeoSciences' Research Staff Organisation (RSO) is a network of postdocs and other interested researchers across the School of GeoSciences.

The organisation was initiated in 2007 and has the following aims:

  • Provide representation for Research Staff on School commitees.
  • Allow Research Staff to get to know each other in a social setting.
  • Offer advice and support on Research Staff related issues.
  • Promote the sharing of common skills and techniques.
  • Provide information on careers, funding, training and other issues relevant to Research Staff.
  • Offer a friendly face to newly arrived research staff.

We organise a range of meeting types, including formal and informal seminars, workshops, Travelogue lunches and the annual Whisky Tasting. Learn more on our upcoming  and past events pages.

Got an idea for a cool event? Having a problem we might be able to help with? Newly arrived and need an informal induction? Get in touch!

New Committee Members are always welcome so please check out our committee roles and consider volunteering on the RSO committee.

The Geosciences RSO website is still under construction; thank you for your patience.