School of GeoSciences

Video Conferencing

The school offers a number of bookable video conferencing rooms.


Facilities Available

All of our video conferencing rooms are equipped with a webcam, microphone, stereo speakers, projector and a Windows 10 desktop (with connection to your M: drive and DataStore).

The webcams are mounted to the wall but can be detached depending on how you want to present.



To make a booking, log into MyEd and choose 'Room Booking' from the left.

The ECCI board room must be booked via ECCI events:



The University's Zoom video-conferencing service can be used for informal, non-confidential meetings, collaboration with external colleagues, and, where required, for facilitating University research.

Details of the University's Zoom Service

When to use Zoom?

  • Zoom should be used as a final alternative to one of the other preferred meeting platforms.
  • When it is the required platform for conducting, for example, University-related research and collaboration.
  • When no sensitive, confidential or personally-identifiable University material is being discussed.
  • For general, informal, non-teaching communication and collaboration.

Why use the University's Zoom service?

  • There is no 40-minute time limit on meetings.
  • The University applies extra security measures over and above the standard Zoom service.
  • You can have a much larger number of participants.


This is available on all our video conferencing desktops and you have the choice of logging in with your university Skype For Business account, your own personal Skype account, or using the school  account (username and password found in the room).



The school does not have a GoToMeeting subscription to create and host sessions, but you can join an existing session in any of our rooms.

GoToMeeting doesn't require additional software to be installed as it is all initiated through a web browser.


Using Your Own Laptop

All our projectors have VGA inputs and audio connectors, and a select few have HDMI connections.


Video conference room locations

Campus Building Room Capacity PC Equipped? Laptop Inputs Screen Size
King's Buildings Grant Institute Cockburn Museum 42 Yes HDMI, VGA 65" projector
King's Buildings Grant Institute 232 17 Yes HDMI 2 x 65" TV
King's Buildings Grant Institute 339 13 Yes HDMI, VGA 65" TV
King's Buildings Crew 109 11 No, bring your own device HDMI, VGA 55" TV
King's Buildings Crew 304 10 Yes HDMI, VGA 80" TV
Drummond St ECCI 2.01 - Boardroom 12 Yes HMDI, VGA 55" TV


IP Video Calling (V-Scene)

There are bookable locations across the university campuses for video conferencing sessions using V-Scene, with the closest to the school estate being the main library at George Square and JCMB at King's Buildings.

More details can be found on this webpage including locations:


If you want to book a room through V-Scene, go to this webpage: