School of GeoSciences


Information on what software is available to the School.


The school provides a variety of software for you to use on our University computers, including programs specifically licensed for use within the school.

Not all software advertised will be available to our school due to licensing restrictions.

Software that falls into the restricted category will have a “request” button instead of “install”. All requests will be sent to us, where we can advise you further.

Users can install their own free or legitimate software from outside our catalogues but may not receive support for it.

Furthermore, if this software compromises security or interferes with service provision on the University Network, users will be asked to remove it.


Search for the “Software Center” in the start menu search bar to browse our range of software.


Open the “Self Service” app which will appear on the dock to browse our range of software.


Our Scientific Linux computers are equipped with a variety of scientific software and packages. 

Linux users do not have root privileges to install packages but can compile software from source.

If you require additional software, contact us with your requirements.