School of GeoSciences

Printing, Copying and Scanning

How to use our cloud printing services, as well as information on free quota and printer locations.


Using the cloud print service

The cloud printing service allows you to release your print job from any cloud printer on campus.

University managed computers will already have the cloud printer queues added.

To print, select either cloud colour or cloud mono from the printers list.


To log into a printer, swipe your card on the reader.

The first time you swipe your card you will have to log in with your UUN and password to ‘pair’ your card to your University account.

If you forget your card, you can log in manually by selecting the keyboard option on the printer home screen.


The following page has more information on how to use our printers, as well as how add cloud printers to your personal device.

Using the cloud print service


Free Quota

The School provides free print credit for our members to use.

Free print quota can only be used on GeoSciences campus printers or IS open access lab printers - please check the list further down this page.

If you require additional funds, please contact us with your requirements.

Group Free Quota Refreshed
Staff £250 Weekly
Visitors £50 No
PhD Students £250 Weekly
MSc Students £250 No
Undergraduates £50 No


Reporting printer issues

To report any faults or request any supplies, please contact:

If you cannot log in or have credit issues, please contact us at:


GeoSciences printer locations

Campus Building Location Type
King's Buildings: Grant 348 (Print Room) Mono
    Corridor Level 1 Colour
    Corridor Level 2 Colour
    334 (Finance Office) Colour
    332 (Teaching Office) Colour
    348 (Print Room) Colour
King's Buildings: Sir John Murry Labs Corridor Colour
King's Buildings: Crew Basement (Print Room) Mono
    Basement (Print Room) Colour
    Level 2 Colour
    Level 3 Colour
Central: Drummond 2.08 (Mail Room) Mono
    Library (Main Corridor) Colour
    Basement (Opposite 1.16) Colour
    3rd Floor (Main Corridor) Colour
    2.11 (Main Office) Colour
Central: ECCI G.01 Reception Colour
    1.04 Storage Cupboard Colour
    2.06 Break Room Colour
    3.01 MSc Room Colour