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Information Technology

Computing Support for staff and postgraduate students in the School is provided by the GeoSciences IT Service (GITS). General IT support is also provided by the University Information Service (IS). These Pages contain Information about and links to the services provided.

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Getting Started

Student looking at a computer screen
IT registration and useful information for anyone starting work in GeoSciences.

IT Support

IT support for staff and postgraduate students in GeoSciences is provided by the school's local team.

Computing Labs

The school has a number of computing labs open to taught students. If you need a particular piece of software not listed here, email with your request.

Video Conferencing

The school offers a number of bookable video conferencing rooms.


The school provides a number of ways to communicate with internal and external people.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your data and sensitive information is protected. Find out how to protect your data by keeping it secure.

Data Storage

The school provides a variety of data storage locations for personal and group use, for internal and external collaboration. In addition to an initial 2GB quota provided by the school, the University's Research DataStore provides every research student and staff with a 500GB quota.

Linux Servers

The school has a central compute server running Linux you can access to process data.

FAQ and How To

Browse through our FAQ and How To guides to get the best out of your IT environment.

IT Training

Links out to IT training courses provided within the University

Personal Web Space

Web pages are a vital tool to allow the world to see who we are and what we are doing.

Support in research computing

This page seeks to make explicit the ways in which the School offers support for researchers' computing.