School of GeoSciences

School Committees

An overview of the School’s Committees and papers.

The School’s governance structure includes a small number of Committees, all of which provide an annual report to the School’s senior executive group (School Policy & Resources Committee (SPARC)) (barring those that report through the Teaching Committee).

The senior executive group of the School is the School Policy & Resources Committee (SPARC).  This committee is designed to be small to support full engagement of all members, with everybody workring for the collective good (as opposed to simply being advocates for a particular area), and provides an opportunity for genuine debate and collective decision.  Senior academic managers not on SPARC are invited to attend relevant items or to put forward agenda items.

Various ad hoc groups are set up to scope or address specific issues and these will report to the committee who set them up.  Agendas and open papers are available on this website (to those with relevant permissions), as well as minutes once they are ratified at the next meeting.


The above relates to committee dates and papers from the academic year 13/14 onwards. For earlier minutes, see the Archive .