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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.    Which forms need to be completed for hiring casual staff/students

A. Either: Form 100 for non-University of Edinburgh staff ie not already on Payroll; OR Temporary Additional Payment Form for staff & students already on the payroll. (Check with HR regarding payroll status).


Q.2. What account codes (ie 2505/2250) to use for temps as opposed to Tutors & demonstrators (2510)?

A. 2505 for Lecturers or 2250 for general Casual Assistance. If you do not know please leave blank for Finance Team to complete.


Q.3. Which form to use to pay a student a prize?

A. Casual Payment Voucher. This is an Accounts Payable form and should be completed with students name, address, bank details and description of prize as well as amount. As per the other forms please submit via the Finance Team, Grant Institute and not directly to Accounts Payable Section.


Q. 4. How quickly are Claims / Advance of expenses paid? What are the important deadlines to meet to get something paid in the month they expect?

A. Accounts Payable make 2 payment runs per week (usually Tuesday & Thursday). At least 2 weeks notice should be given for Advance requests. Expense claims are usually processed within 7-14 days. Deadline for submitting forms to pay temporary/casual staff is 3rd of the month and they will not get paid until 28th the month after that, so please warn them.


Q. 5. How long does it take to pay a Foreign Currency Invoice?

A. To pay a supplier who is overseas with a foreign bank account, we firstly require them to be set up on the Santander Payment system. An email is sent by our Finance Team to Accounts Payable to request the new set up, but we MUST have all the appropriate payment information first ie. Supplier name, address and full banking information. Once the supplier is on Santander, the payment usually takes around 7-14 days to reach the supplier.


Q. 6. How to refund a payment via EPAY?

A. An EPAY Refund Request Form should be completed, signed off, and submitted to the Finance Office, Grant Institute for processing.


Q. 7. How to refund students without UK bank accounts?

A. Students who only have foreign bank accounts can be refunded in the appropriate currency as long as we have all the information to set them up on the Santander Payment System. If students do not have any form of bank account then an ‘open’ cheque needs to be requested. With prior notice this must collected by the student and an appropriate member of staff, from Chambers Street, where the cheque is then signed off by a Finance Office ‘Director’. The Cheque is then taken to RBS at Surgeons Hall for cashing.


Q. 8. Can I have access to Webfirst (Financial Information and Reporting System)?

A. Access can be granted to staff via Richard Carr or Lisa Thorburn.  Richard/ Lisa should be emailed with a list of Job Codes you wish to have access to.